At, we are focusing all our efforts behind just one software product, webtrees. We believe it to be ideal for recording and displaying your family tree and because we are webtrees specialists, we are able to provide you with exceptional support and assistance. is truly family tree hosting made easy.™


webtreesonline understands the importance of respecting the privacy of personal information recorded in your family tree. To that end, we:

  • Selected webtrees as the sole software offering of choice because of its extensive privacy controls and our familiarity with configuring its multitude of privacy and access options.
  • Specialize on webtrees software. By doing so, we are best-equipped to advise on the proper way to configure your personal installation and to protect access to your family information in the fashion you decide best fulfills your needs.
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webtreesonline understands the importance of security of your data. To that end, we offer:

  • Redundant data protection and enhanced read speed via mirror-raided drives;
  • Hourly backups of your files and databases via Apple’s Time Machine software;
  • Daily remote backups of your files and databases; and
  • Secure firewall configuration of our highly available, fast bandwidth servers.
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webtreesonline understands the importance of providing you with a trusted, reliable level of support, without compromise. To that end, you will receive:

  • Competent, technically-saavy configuration, activation and maintenance of your personal family tree site;
  • Frequent upgrading of the supporting software to help maintain security as well as promptly offer you and your users access to newly developed or enhanced features;
  • Continuing technical support directly from an experienced member of the webtrees development team;
  • Forum-based support and advice for our clients from the genealogy community through this site;
  • Personal advice on the use of webtrees; and
  • Help with your family history research via a reasonable additional fee basis.
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